As a new head football coach at Loyalsock Township School District four years ago one of my first five phone calls was to Maz in order to begin working with our athletes in speed development.  It has been one of the best decisions I have made.  Her expertise and ability to modify her workouts to obtain maximum results for every athlete has been remarkable to be a part of throughout my tenure.  Maz has been able to increase the speed and quickness of my fastest receivers and skill position players as well as my largest lineman.  Through positive reinforcement as well as high demands Maz has been able to provide tremendous motivation to our Loyalsock Lancers.  She has helped our program achieve the District IV playoffs every season thus far as well as send thirteen athletes to play at the collegiate level.  I will continue to invite Maz to work with our football team for many years to come as well as recommend her individual training services for all those hoping to obtain that edge.

~ Justin Van Fleet, Loyalsock High School Head Football Coach, D4 Coaches Association President


Over the past three years Coach Maz has helped me to use my God-given athletic ability to the fullest.  Her training helped me decrease my 40 yard dash time and become more agile.  Even though I was a good athlete to begin with she helped me to become an even better one.  I highly recommend her camps to any athlete that is serious about taking their game to the next level.

~ Ross Stebbins: All-Stater, 2015 PENNSYLVANIA FOOTBALL WRITERS’ ALL-STATE TEAM CLASS AAAA Defensive Linemen


My son, Connor Mattie joined cross-country in the fall of 2015. He quickly realized this was a sport he had a passion for and wanted to do all he could to improve. After asking various community members for recommendations for a trainer/coach to help work on his technique, pace, form and confidence the name, Marilouise Mazzante was brought to my attention. Upon our first meeting, it was very apparent we had made the right choice. Maz’s enthusiasm, experience, and dedication instantly motivated Connor. He looks forward to each session and even told me “the best part of his week, is his training time with Maz”

In the short time since Maz has worked with Connor, his form and time have improved but most importantly, he has gained self-confidence. He is determined to be the best he can be and eager to keep learning-all thanks to Maz.

~Shelly Mattie, Montoursville Cross Country Parent


I feel that the obvious improvement with his footwork and speed is the main contributing factor in his current success.  Thank you Maz for all of your continued help!

~Chris McCracken : On Craes’  MVP lineman award at NUC Football Showcase in Tom’s River NJ

Maz helped me with my speed and agility. She also showed me how to be fast with proper form.  Maz helped me clock a 60 time that, according to, was the fastest outfield time in PA!

Whenever I need her I know she is there for me and I am grateful for that.

~Jimmy Webb, Loyalsock High School, Baseball.  Will attend D1, Wake Forest University

Speed training with Maz has helped me to perfect my technique, decrease the risk of injury, increase my speed and improve my agility to play at a college level.  Maz specialized my training to my needs so that I was competitive at the D1, D2 and D3 college levels.

After my first session with Maz, three words came to mind “I love her.”  She is dedicated to the athlete that wants to improve.  She knows how to bring out the best in you.  She improves your weaknesses and perfects what you already do well.  Maz is full of energy and makes the training fun.

All atheletes, regardless of the sport, will benefit from speed training with Maz.  Working with Maz will help any athlete to achieve his or her goals.

~Erica Ludwikowski, Williamsport High School, Soccer

I hired Maz at Little League Baseball to work in our summer camps because of her expertise in improving athletes’ speed and agility. This aspect of speed training has made our camp unique and has been well received by parents all over the country.

Speed is essential in being successful in every sport and Maz brings the best in its development to our camps the entire summer. Baseball players throughout the country have benefitted much from her training.

Nicholas L. Caringi: Senior Director of Operations and Education; Little League International

My name is Chris Eiswerth and I am the Head Football Coach at South Williamsport Area High School.  I would highly recommend Mazz and her speed training program.  For the past three summers Mazz has worked with my team improving their speed, agility and quickness.  Mazz also does a great job motivating and pushing the kids to be the the very best they can be.  Without a doubt, I believe Mazz and her summer speed training is a vital part of the South Williamsport Football Program! The kids look forward to working with Mazz , and they know she will give the kids her very best.  I look forward to working with Mazz in the future! This past season we had two players receive Division 1 full scholarships, and we played in the Pennsylvania State Semi-Finals! I truly believe working with Mazz is a huge piece of the puzzle that has helped get my football program to the top of Pa. Football!

~Chris Eiswerth, Head Coach, South Williamsport

Maz’s workouts are definitely something you should look into. She pushes you hard, but in the end you feel better. Most workouts you can’t feel a difference at the end of the day, but with her workout you can. She, working with you, is the best decision you can make.

~Crae McCracken, Loyalsock High School, Football

Maz’s camp helped me develop a solid foundation of speed, explosive power, and strength. She helped me establish better running form, fuller range of motion, and a much greater stride rate.  Maz helped me to go from fast to faster!

 ~Dominic Bragalone, South Williamsport High School Football, Will attend D1,  Lehigh University

The camp helped me significantly with the sports that I did—soccer and track. Once I learned how to run correctly, I was winning just about every race in track, and I was the fastest one on the field in soccer. This camp helped me not only run better, but it also helped me meet amazing people, who have the same passions I do. We kept improving every day.

The second I met Maz, she immediately made me feel welcome. The more she explained and demonstrated, the easier things were to understand. She’s knowledgeable and is patience and has you smiling the entire time.

 ~Nicolette Jones, Alfred University, former Montgomery high school athlete

“Maz knows one speed and that’s FAST”!

~Jamie Joy: Manager of Operations, Little League International

My name is Richard Brown I am a senior at Hughesville High School. I will be attending Liberty University for the 2015 Fall Semester. Working with Maz and going to her camp has done a lot in the development of my success in high school athletics. I have been working with Maz for 6-7 years now and I have come a long way. I play baseball at the varsity level for three years now thanks to Maz. I used to be slow and not very good at sports but thanks to Maz I have lost weight and become much faster. Making it easier for me to range wide and far for ground balls or fly balls all over the field, which has definitely been a major help in the success of my baseball team. In 2013 we were the District IV Champs and in 2014 we were the PHAC Champs and in 2015 we won the Back Yard Brawl against some very competitive local teams. If it weren’t for Maz I wouldn’t have had half of the success that I have had. I plan on working with Maz on my technique and development to become faster so I can be a competitive Division 1 athlete at Liberty next year.

~Richard Brown, Senior at Hughesville High School

Over the past four years I have strived to become better and better in athletics.  To start my high school career I looked for an edge to be better so I looked to find the best training around, and that’s when I was referred to Maz. Working with Maz helped me tremendously from freshman year to senior year.  She helped me drop 40 yard dash times into the 4.4’s which was one of my biggest goals.  I always felt like I was faster than other athletes on the field because I put in work with Maz and the results spoke for themselves.  As far as my track career, it is safe to say I wouldn’t have gotten where I was without Maz training me.  Every year my times got faster and faster and I kept exceeding my own expectations.  If you’re working with Maz know you are working with the best.  I am going to play on the collegiate level in both sports and she is the person who helped get me there.

~Fletcher Quigley, Loyalsock High School football & track. Will attend Oberlin College next year